Bharat EdTech Initiative
is driving collective
action towards
improving learning outcomes for students
pan India.

The efforts are guided and led by 18 partner organisations working across various industries, such as philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and analytics. Drawing on their expertise, these partner organisations support the Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) in different capacities and categories: Donors, EdTech, nonprofits, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, marketing communications, and program management.

We are excited to join forces with our partner organisations, disruptors in their own right, in order to bridge the learning gap and ensure quality education for the underserved in India

Process for

We follow an elaborate and rigorous process while onboarding partners. Besides an intrinsic motivation and alignment to BEI’s vision and values, we evaluate the organisation’s past and ongoing work in the area. We also assess their suitability to the target population, and their capacities to create impact at scale.


Our EdTech partners help us provide EdTech learning solutions to students from low-income households. They also focus on parent engagement to build awareness and ensure the adoption and engagement of home-based learning solutions. They adopt various techniques to drive engagement efforts: E-PTMs (virtual interactions with parents), community labs (physical spaces use infrastructure),
phone-based engagement, and activity-based engagement conducted virtually.

NonProfit Organisations

Nonprofit organisations support us to create a meaningful impact on the ground. They support the BEI team with student acquisition and onboarding. Through a variety of community events, they engage students and parents/teachers throughout the students’ learning journey. Given their extensive on-ground connectedness, the nonprofit partners also help with data collection and support with student assessment efforts.

Evaluation & Measurement

Our evaluation and measurement partners support us with measurement of learning outcomes & growth across language, maths and science from baseline to end line. BEI assists the evaluation and measurement partners to finalise mode, structure, timelines for baseline and methods to increase assessment uptake; operationalising assessments for BEI; project review, and governance support.


Bharat EdTech Initiative is working with 34 partner organisations functional across various industries like philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and analytics.


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