Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) is a collaborative effort to improve learning outcomes for one million Indian students by 2025.

Through proven EdTech solutions that enable anytime, anywhere learning, BEI is striving to complement classroom teaching with home-based learning. This will allow for making online learning a permanent feature of education among students from low-income households. The initiative intends to provide a platform to learn beyond or in addition to school-based learning. A key focus area of the Bharat EdTech Initiative is to ensure equitable access to digital learning across genders.

Origin Story

With EdTech solutions seeping rapidly into the academic landscape, the glaring digital divide between different income groups became more pronounced than ever. More concerning was the evident inequitable access to education for all students. The savage attack of Covid-19 further inflamed learning losses.

Virtual classrooms underlined deeply rooted social inequalities. There was an urgent need to introduce an initiative that would act as an equaliser in our education system. It was to combat these rampant inequalities and fulfil the needs of the most vulnerable sections of our society, that the idea of BEI was germinated.

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Abha Thorat-Shah

Executive Director, Social Finance, British Asian Trust

Prachi Jain Windlass

Director, India,  Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India, LLP

Rathish Balakrishnan

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Sattva Consulting

Sumit Tayal

COO, GiveIndia


Akshay Saxena

Co-Founder, Avanti Fellows

Imran Jafar

Managing Partner, Gaja Capital

Ramesh Srinivasan

Senior Partner,  McKinsey

Safeena Husain

Founder & CEO, Educate Girls


We are driving collective action by bringing together 18 organisations working across various industries like philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and analytics.

Our partner organisations are key stakeholders of the BEI mission and are committed to bridging the learning gap in India. If you’d like to partner with us, please write to to know more.

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