Bharat EdTech Initiative aims to enhance learning outcomes for first-generation digital learners, pan India, by leveraging at-home learning time through proven EdTech solutions.

We are driving engagement models with EdTech solutions that are shaping the personalised adaptive learning ecosystem for school learners. Bharat EdTech Initiative aspires to enable digital access and positively impact learning outcomes for 1 million, first-generation students by 2025.


We believe now is the most opportune time to systematically work towards improving learning outcomes and bridging the learning gap. By improving access to digital learning that enables learning anyplace, anywhere, Bharat EdTech Initiative is leading a large scale systemic digital intervention with proven EdTech solutions. The Initiative aims to enable equitable education access and improve learning outcomes for students at home, complementing efforts at the school level.


We are mobilising a digital learning
ecosystem to positively impact the
improvement of learning outcomes for
students, with a special focus on
first-generation digital learners. We are
driving access and adoption of proven
EdTech learning solutions to bride the
learning digital divide and unlock the full
potential of every student.


We aim to enable EdTech access to enhance learning outcomes for one million students by 2025.


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