While EdTech solutions have scaled, digital divide remains the same.

Only 1 in 4 students in India have access to digital learning
65% parents are reluctant in giving access to technology to girls

Covid-19 epidemic has exacerbated learning loss for students in low-income families

14.6% students dropped out of school in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic
82% students lost atleast one mathematical ability due to the lockdown

The government and private players are addressing the digital divide by subsidising hardware and internet. However, defining guidelines and ‘at-scale’ efforts to make EdTech affordable and effective for Bharat’s students are limited.

Bharat EdTech Initiative aims to enable effective and equitable access to EdTech for children from low-income communities and improve student learning outcomes. The initiative is built on 3 key tenets: Bring together diverse capabilities, improve learning outcomes, and design for scale.


BEI keeps students at the centre of all its efforts and enables them in their learning journey. This is done by bringing together key stakeholders with complementing capabilities. The stakeholders co-create contextualised learning models and demonstrate improvement in learning outcomes.


BEI's approach is unique and unlike another in the marked due to the student-centric approach. With a sharp focus on students' learning needs, BEI is able to maximise EdTech adoption and improve student learning levels.


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