Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) is striving towards bridging the digital divide for all students. Through curated EdTech solutions, BEI is working to leverage at-home learning time to ensure quality education and improve learning outcomes.

BEI’s approach to bridging the digital divide is uniquely positioned to impact results at scale across India. The approach uses a unique blend of access, engagement, measurement, and learning.


All collaborative partners are deeply committed to realising the Bharat EdTech Initiative’s vision. To drive evidence-based impact, the collaborative is driven by an innovative outcome-based funding model. By tying in investments to impact and outcomes instead of mere activities, the Initiative has built space to learn from each phase of the initiative and create impact at scale.



Bharat EdTech Initiative will curate EdTech solutions for students from low-income communities to ensure continued learning at home beyond school reopening.


BEI is focused on creating equitable access to digital learning. Working with nonprofits that operate in low-income communities, especially in underserved geographies, we aim to ensure anytime, anywhere learning for all students.

Beyond nonprofits, BEI also works with state government, affordable private schools, and community aggregators to expand our reach.


BEI believes online and offline nudges are critical to ensure student engagement and impact overall learning outcomes. Our EdTech and nonprofit partners use regular online and offline nudges for students, parents, and teachers to support the student's learning journey.


Hardware Pilot

BEI has launched a unique initiative to assess the impact on student engagement if they have access to individual learning devices. The pilot is currently underway with 160 students, who have each been provided with a Lenovo tablet. We are closely monitoring how student engagement and outcomes improve with dedicated devices.

Virtually Proctored Assessments

In order to get an accurate assessment of students' learning environment in a controlled setting, we have initiated virtually proctored assessments for a subset of students. This will allow us to evaluate the deviation in the performance of the students in baseline assessments

BEI Program Data Dashboard

We are regularly collecting data from implementation partners in a centralised dashboard to improve the effectiveness of the programme. Program data is also being captured across reach, parent awareness, student engagement and learning levels.

Baseline Assessments

We are measuring learning outcomes & growth across Language, Maths, and  Science from baseline to endline. Administration of baseline assessments is being done by sharing relevant links and logins with students. We train students & sensitise parents and volunteers to enable them to take assessments. This is further followed up with online nudges to attempt assessments.


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